Mick's Blog

Mick's Blog is the name of my WordPress-hosted childhood blog. It ran from 2007 to 2011, and accrued one million hits and a great community during this time.

The site began as a place to share interesting websites I came across. However, it gained a surge of popularity once I began regularly posting about Club Penguin, a Flash-based multiplayer game for children. There were a large number of such blogs on WordPress at the time, and I soon gained a following. The blog found its way to the top of Google's search results for a certain walkthrough I had written, cementing Club Penguin as the blog's focus for over a year.

In 2008 the blog returned to its roots, forsaking Club Penguin coverage in favour of looking at other games and websites. The blog gained several other editors during this time (mentioned below), and for the next year and a half Mick's Blog became its own little media empire, providing intermittent video game reviews. The other editors eventually moved on, and after a year of irregular and unpopular posts the blog was finished.

For me, Mick's Blog was a fantastic opportunity to publish my writing and build a great online community. I would be remiss if I didn't mention woofmccol, Jamie McElwain and Guineapig119 for their contributions.